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The vast amount of competitive basketball in Nottinghamshire means that there is always a great demand for qualified referees in order to facilitate the fixtures and leagues.           

As an association, we aim to provide training and development for new and aspiring referees in order to initially and further equip individuals who wish to peruse this path, check out our courses page to find a course near you.

It doesn’t end their either, once you have completed your theory element of your qualification there are a number of mentors available to help you gain the practical element, who will work with you in order to increase your confidence, enabling you to become not only a qualified but a quality referee. 

All officials who operate within the various leagues and competitions must be registered with England Basketball for insurance purposes. For further information on how to register with Basketball England visit our registration page.

Level 1 (Apprentice)

This award is an introduction to basketball and is aimed at the pure beginner. It gives an insight into the basic mechanics, violations and fouls that need to be administered when refereeing a basketball game. A Level 1 referee is qualified to officiate at school matches, central venue and local league (youth leagues) and recreational level.

Level 2

The Level 2 award is aimed at the beginner. Experience as a player or attending a level 1 course is an advantage . A Level 2 referee is qualified to officiate at more advanced local league and central venue league competitions and up to Division 4 Men and Division 2 Women senior national league competitions.

Level 3

Qualified to referee at senior national league. Experienced Level 2 referees may be appointed up to Division 1/2 Men's and Division 1 Women senior national league competitions.


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