Playing Mini

Playing Mini Basketball

Mini Basketball is a game of skill rather than strength; a mixed activity in which boys and girls are able to play alongside each other. The game offers the opportunity to develop the important skills of running, jumping, change of speed and direction, handling a ball, and shooting at a target.

The children's version of the game, played with a smaller ball, lower equipment and simplified rules, Mini-Basketball recognises the significant elements of the game of basketball which are appropriate to the age and stage of the child's development.

With a philosophy based on the needs of the growing child, teaching & coaching is based on developing Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed as part of the Long Term Athletic Development Model (LTAD).

Interested in playing or coaching at this level? Contact who can help you to find opportunities in your local area. 

Trials for

The Nottinghamshire Basketball Association is pleased to announce the County Mini Basketball Trials for Boys and Girls in School years 5 or 6 who reside, attend school, or play for a basketball team within Nottinghamshire.

Those who are successful at the trials will represent Nottinghamshire in The East Midlands Mini Basketball Tournament in March.

Trials to represent Nottinghamshire (Boys & Girls teams) will take place TBC

Please register online (link found to the right) or download the form and bring it with you on the day.

Nottinghamshire Mini Basketball: Recent years

On a yearly basis the Nottinghamshire Basketball Association co-ordinate both a boys and girls mini basketball team. 

The team trials typically take place in January, ready for the East Midlands Regional Tounrmanet, typically in March.

15/16 Results:
16/17 Results:

Players from this tournament are then selected to represent at the National mini Basketball Tournament, usually held in June. 

New coaches to help with the teams are always welcomed. 

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